How To Write And Publish A Book Fast

n this multi-media,online course, Earma Brown takes you through twelve powerful lessons to write and publish a book faster

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Discover Five Steps To Writing And Publishing A Book Fast using 12 Pillars of Book Success: How To Brand Your Business With A 24/7 Lead Generating Book And Create Multiple Money Streams right now. 
Intended Audience: aspiring authors, professionals, doctorates, coaches, teachers, WOW! Women, entrepreneurs, speakers, business professionals

Course Curriculum

Course Overview
Lesson 1 Discovering Your BIG Why
Lesson #2 How To Select A Hot Book Topic & SELECT Book Topic Formula
Lesson #2 SELECT Book Topic Formula Part 1
Lesson #2 SELECT Book Topic Formula Part II
Lesson #3 How to Write a Book That Will Stand Out In a Crowd and Sell
Lesson #3 Audience Finder Worksheet
Lesson 4 Structuring Your Book With Three Top Strategies P1
Lesson #4 Structuring Your Book With 3 Top Strategies Part 2
Lesson #5 Power Outline Part 1
Lesson #5 Power Outline Part 2
Lesson #5 Power Outline Part 3
Lesson #5 Power Outline Part 4
Lesson #5 Power Outline Part 5
Lesson #6 Three Step Chapter Writing Part 1
Lesson #6 Three Step Chapter Writing Part 2
Lesson #6 Three Step Chapter Writing Part 3
Lesson 7: B.U.I.L.D.D. Lead Generators Into Your Book
Lesson #7 Passion Point Leads Part 2
Lesson 8: Developing A Promotion Plan and the L.A.U.N.C.H. Book Formula
Lesson 8 Developing A Promotion Plan Part 2
Lesson #8 Book Launch
Lesson 9: Starting Multiple Money Streams With the P.R.O.D.U.C.T.I.Z.E.
Lesson 10: Developing A Signature Program With L.E.V.E.R.A.G.E.
Lesson 10: Developing A Signature Program, Part 2
Lesson 11: Creating A 10 Point Lead Generating Cover
Lesson 12: Publishing Your Way
Quickstart Guide And Checklist
Resource List
Createspace Tutorial Video

Earma Brown


If you found this little course helpful, you'll love Earma Brown's Book Success Academy where she reveals 100s of secrets teaching aspiring authors, professionals and entrepreneurs how to mine the gold called their education, experience and expertise to write and publish in a 24/7 lead generating book then leverage into multiple money streams and enjoy the journey along the way!

Known by many as America’s Book Success Coach, Earma is a twelve book Authorpreneur, Indie publisher and Founder of the  Book Success Academy and numerous other diverse websites.

As the Book Success Coach, Earma "teaches experts and professionals who are making a difference how to up level their core concept or core message and mission into a 24/7 lead generating and sales magnet book."

Above all, Earma is passionate about empowering writers to create their best life and do the things they've only dreamed of doing in the past. Currently, her mission includes dreaming a bigger dream by partnering with 1000 aspiring authors (maybe you) to make their book dreams come true throughout the coming year.